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What?! We have a new website?

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Yes, it’s true. We’ve had a goal of providing two things via our website: rich information for those who want to know more about classical Christian education and what The Ambrose School is all about, plus everything that our school families need to help them manage the busy lives of the students. We’re happy to say it has arrived. Surf around and you’ll find:

For the newcomer:

First, watch the Video Journey. Here you will find much of what we see every day – students growing in Christ through the pursuit of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness. Then, browse through About, Academics, and finally, Admissions. We strongly encourage you to contact us with questions you have about the school and the admissions process. We schedule tours regularly, and would love to meet you.

For current parents:

We strongly encourage all current parents to also watch the Video Journey. Remember why your children are here. Be encouraged that the teachers you have entrusted their hearts and minds to desire nothing greater than to see them grow in their faith. Then, there are two areas we’ve designed specifically for you: first is the “For Parents” area toward the bottom of the homepage. Here are the most commonly used links for parents. At the top of the homepage is a section called Parent Life. Here you will find an extensive listing of all the information you will most likely need to be an Ambrose parent.

Navigation basics:

Wherever you are in the site, you can always get back to the homepage by clicking the school’s logo in the top left hand corner.

Each page in the site will have a sidebar menu on the right hand side which will show you all pages related to the section you are currently in. If there are subpages within a certain topic, they will pop up when you hover over that topic in the sidebar.

Please cruise around and get familiar with where things are. We want the site to be a useful resource for you. Websites are always a work in progress, and we appreciate your help in alerting us to anything that needs our attention. If you notice something, feel free to send an email to mblakeman@theambroseschool.org.