College advising office

Greetings Families!

The Ambrose School’s College Advising Office provides beneficial services to students as they prepare for college. The school administers the PSAT, hosts multiple college representative visits, and offers a College Bootcamp course for juniors. As the on-staff college advisor, I meet one-on-one with juniors and seniors to help them navigate the world of applications, deadlines, scholarships, and career choices. I invite students to discuss their future plans and to ask questions about the college admissions process.

Students are often encouraged to pursue a career and then choose a college that fits that career. We encourage our students to first seek God’s calling in the school that will prepare them for a life in service to Christ. This could involve a state school, an Ivy League school, military academy, Christian college, or any other alternative.

I encourage both students and parents to take an active role in the college preparation journey. God’s vision for each of us is unique and I want to walk alongside of you. Get involved early. Much of the early work as freshmen and sophomores will pay off later as students apply to colleges and for financial aid. Hard work and early involvement will pay dividends down the road. 


Nicole Ingersoll
College Advising Office