Mrs. Michelle Cherry
Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

B.B.A., Marketing, Boise State University 1991; B.A., Elementary Education, Boise State University 1999

Although my professional career started in the corporate world, I soon discovered that my true passion was teaching children. I then decided to pursue a degree in Elementary Education to realize that dream. Throughout my educational career, I have been blessed to teach first through fourth grades as well as several other educational roles in the Boise School District.

After staying home to raise children and homeschooling my daughter in 2015, my husband Darrel and I began researching Christian schools in the area. Once we visited Ambrose, we knew it was a perfect fit for our family. We loved the Classical Christian curriculum and were amazed at the school, staff, and community.

I feel so blessed to be part of the children’s lives and feel a classroom should be filled with love, laughter, and a respect for one another. I believe there is an innate drive in all of us to explore and learn. My job as a teacher is to guide that passion for knowledge in a Christ centered, positive, and productive manner. I love teaching and feel so thankful to be able to teach at a school where I can pray with my students and share God’s Word on a daily basis.

As a family, we love to travel, play sports, and enjoy the outdoors. My daughter Audrey keeps us quite busy outside of school with all her extracurricular activities such as ballet and basketball.

Church Affiliation: Eagle Christian

Mrs. Amy Kusin
Kindergarten Teacher

I studied Elementary Education at Boise State University, and have over ten years experience working with young children.

Ambrose is a wonderful school that teaches students a love of learning, a Godly world perspective and moral character. It is the place that my husband and I have chosen for our three children and I count it a privilege to teach here. It is a blessing to invest into the lives of these young students and see them grow in their abilities. It is my hope that the students will gain the foundation needed to become life time learners and believers in Christ.

I feel it is important to have a love for learning if you are going to teach. I seek to grow in my understanding of classical Christian education and, more importantly, in my Christian faith. I am married to a wonderful godly man and have three gifted children. I feel blessed to be surrounded by God’s creation and take advantage of activities like hiking, biking and camping. I also love being creative through painting, refinishing furniture, and repurposing items.

Church Affiliation: Vineyard Christian Fellowship

Mrs. Oksana Fedorchuk
Kindergarten Teacher

I have been in children’s ministry for nearly 20 years. I love working with young children and helping them discover their God given talents and abilities. I choose to teach at the Classical Christian school because every subject here encourages students to honor the Lord and to love His standards.

My husband Paul and I have four children.

Church Affiliation: Meridian Assembly of God

Mrs. Jennifer Link
Half-Day Kindergarten Teacher

B.A., Education, Southwest Baptist University, 2000.

I began my career at Rockford Christian Elementary School in Illinois teaching 2nd grade for several years. After moving to the Treasure Valley in 2015, my husband and I stumbled upon The Ambrose School and were immediately captivated by the classical Christian model of learning. I started regularly working at Ambrose as a substitute teacher and later had the joy of teaching 3rd grade. I am honored and delighted to be back “home” at Ambrose and teaching Kindergarten.

My husband and I have four children who all attend The Ambrose School and we have been able to see firsthand the incredible benefits of a classical education, one that daily encourages and strengthens the minds and faith of its students, as well as regularly inspiring lively conversations around the dinner table. I love forming relationships with my precious students while continually pointing them to the Lord and His Word. It is an immense gift to spend each day loving and training little hearts to seek the good, true, and beautiful.

My husband Jon and I have three teenage sons, a darling daughter, and one very affectionate dog. We are incredibly thankful that the Lord brought us to beautiful Idaho and we feel blessed to be a part of the Ambrose family.

Church Affiliation: Redeemer Church

Mrs. Kari King
1st Grade Teacher

B.A. in History, University of California, Santa Barbara Multiple Subject Teaching Credential, California State University, Northridge at Channel Islands

I taught kindergarten and first grade in the Pleasant Valley School District, Camarillo, CA before moving to Idaho. I began substitute teaching at The Ambrose School in 2015 and I taught full day kindergarten as a long term substitute teacher for three quarters of the 2016-2017 school year.

I have loved working and volunteering with young students throughout my life. Teaching brings me great joy and I feel blessed and honored to be able to serve the families of The Ambrose School. Our three children have attended Ambrose since kindergarten. As we have watched them grow and mature, we have become increasingly convinced of the mission of Classical Christian Education. It is my desire to help guide students as they develop their love of God and a love of learning. I believe that young children thrive in a classroom that is warm and loving, yet consistent, with established routines that build responsibility and independence. I consider it a great privilege to assist students in becoming strong readers, discovering the excitement and adventure that can be found in wonderful literature. I love to learn and share the wonder and beauty of God’s world through history, science and math!

My husband, Toby, and I were married in 1998. We moved to Idaho in 2005 and love living in the Treasure Valley. Our children were born in Boise in 2006, 2008 and 2010. In my leisure time, I enjoy writing, knitting, cooking and especially reading! Our family loves camping, hiking and traveling to visit loved ones.

Church Affiliation: Faith Community Bible Church

Mrs. Angella Tiffany
1st Grade Teacher

Mrs. Jennie Wilford
2nd Grade Teacher

MA Education – Reading, Boise State 2010
Processing and Cognitive Enhancement certification (PACE), 2010
BA English, San Jose State 1997

I came to know about classical Christian education when my oldest daughter was going into Kindergarten. We found what was then known as Foundations Academy and realized that was the kind of education we wanted for our children – a Christian worldview, a love for Christ and a deeper relationship with him, the study of the Bible and the Great Books, and the reaching for truth, goodness and beauty through Christ.

I want to faithfully love these children that you parents have put into our trust. My goal is to daily present the truth of the Gospel, and to teach the 2nd graders how to know that they are God’s creation, and that He has a plan and a purpose for their lives. Prayer and worship every morning are an important part of our daily liturgy. We have a joyful classroom as we learn each day about God and this world He created!

My husband John and I have lived in the Treasure Valley for 31 years, been married for 33 years and have four children that attended K-12 at Ambrose. We are enjoying our semi-empty nest and love taking our lab to the park and for walks, as well as reading, gardening, and date nights.

Church affiliation – All Saints Presbyterian Church

Mrs. Jamie Langin
2nd Grade Teacher

B.S., Nutritional Science, 1999, Seattle Pacific University.

I have taught using the classical Christian method in some capacity for the past 15 years. I fell in love with The Ambrose School when we moved to Idaho from Kentucky in 2015 and began subbing everything from kindergarten to 12th grade. I have taught kindergarten at the Ambrose School Bridge Program for the past two years. I am so excited to be teaching 2nd grade this year! I believe classical Christian education challenges and prepares students mentally and spiritually. Every subject is rooted in the Word of God. I l consider it a privilege to come alongside parents in teaching/training their children. It is my desire that my students enjoy learning and to learn to love Christ more every year.

I have been married to my husband, Raoul, for 21 years and we have four children – a daughter who graduated from Ambrose in 2018, a daughter who is a senior, a son who is a sophomore, and a son in 6th grade – all at Ambrose. If you see me running around the field after school hours, it is because I am coaching the High School Cross Country team this fall – GO ARCHERS! In my free time I enjoy running, hiking, and biking all around God’s beautiful creation.

Church Affiliation: Calvary Chapel Boise

Mrs. Debbie Shattuck
3rd Grade Teacher

B.S. in Criminal Justice, minor in Psychology from Marshall University in 1986; J.D. from West Virginia University College of Law in 1989.

I began at The Ambrose School in 2007 as a teacher’s aide in the all-day kindergarten and first grade. I continued as an aide and as a substitute teacher until I began teaching first grade full time in January of 2011.

I chose to change career paths into teaching because I saw the benefit of classical Christian education first hand for my son. I also deeply believed in the mission of The Ambrose School. I strive to provide a safe, consistent and loving learning environment where I can help each child, given their individual strengths and learning styles, not only to enjoy learning but also to grow in their love for the Lord.

I have been married to my husband, Dewy, for 26 years. Our son, who graduated in 2019, attended The Ambrose School since kindergarten. We have lived in Boise for almost 20 years, and I enjoy the outdoor activities such as trail running and camping as well as doing Olympic lifting and Crossfit.

Church Affiliation: Eagle United Methodist Church

Mrs. Janine Warmouth
3rd Grade Teacher

B.S. University of Tennessee, Knoxville; M.Ed. in Special Education, University of Tennessee, Chattanooga

My first introduction to classical Christian education came in 1999 as my husband and I were investigating education options for our children. We found a wonderful school in our hometown. My immediate reaction was, “I wish I would have gotten this kind of education.” That same year I attended my first ACCS conference and also started teaching kindergarten at the same school. For the next 12 years I taught kindergarten, and then moved to 2nd grade for two years. During three of those years I also taught grammar school P.E. My love and conviction for classical Christian education has only deepened over these years and I am so pleased to be counted among those making a difference at The Ambrose School.

My previous work experience also includes 10 years of teaching elementary school at a residential treatment program for emotionally disturbed children. We are thankful to have a son in the Upper School at Ambrose and a daughter continuing her classical Christian education at New Saint Andrews College in Moscow.

Church Affiliation: The King’s Congregation, Meridian

Ms. Harley Cope
4th Grade Teacher

B.A., Journalism, Boise State University; B.S., Political Science, Boise State University

I am beyond excited to begin teaching at The Ambrose School and promote a love for learning and for Jesus. In college I developed a deep passion for literature, history, theology, and philosophy. I have come to see that God is not only eminent in all these fields, but that He also works everything together according to His authority and goodness. My goal is to help students understand and appreciate the imminent presence of God in everything they learn about. I believe that a classical education allows students to expand their minds, but more importantly fosters an environment for the development of their souls. I look forward to being part of a community that seeks to glorify God and shape the minds of students in a way that emphasizes Christ’s love and greatness.

I grew up in a small town in north Idaho and moved to Boise in 2018 to attend Boise State University. I have since met several great friends and mentors here. In my free time I enjoy reading and being outdoors. I also love photographing concerts, exercising, and playing the piano.

Church Affiliation: Calvary Chapel Boise

Mrs. Maia Gilpin
4th Grade Teacher

B.S. History and a minor in English Literature; University of Idaho, special study courses at New Saint Andrews College and Corban University.

My interest in classical Christian education began largely because it was the only schooling I was accustomed to, besides two years of homeschooling. In high school, I was challenged to work harder than I ever thought possible. This was not mindless work, but rigorous challenges I hated because I actually had to think everyday! At first I was frustrated, but I grew to LOVE doing hard things, such as reading philosophy, theology, and academic articles. I found that my classical Christian education came to fruition in college, where I had the opportunity to re-read and re-discover how the ideas and truths I had been taught actually influenced the way I thought and lived.

I believe that classical Christian education is vitally important for children to deeply discern and know Truth. I also believe this form of education allows the imagination of a child to flourish. There are certainly skills learned from written work, but, why not also act, draw, and discuss? Why not envision an idea in your mind, and then make it come to life? I think the true beauty of this education is found when children are treated as whole beings, that their soul, mind, and body are equally important, and that every aspect of their life has purpose, because it is a part of God’s story. I believe schools like Ambrose teach students to truly live and be human. I’m grateful for the many people at Ambrose who have poured into me, and I hope to pass their wisdom onto all the students I encounter.

I grew up in Boise, Idaho. After spending a year teaching at Whitefish Christian Academy in Montana, I decided to journey back to the Treasure Valley. When I am not at school, I enjoy running, hiking, rollerblading, and having great discussions about ideas.

Church Affiliation: Table Rock

Mrs. Tate Dafoe
5th Grade Teacher

B.A., Classical Liberal Arts, Masters University

I had the blessing of growing up in the Ambrose community from first grade to senior year. Throughout my years at Ambrose, I fell in love with classical education. I was surrounded by teachers who truly cared about me and who were more focused on shaping my soul than simply teaching me facts. In eighth grade, I decided I wanted to one day follow in my teachers’ footsteps and I am so blessed to have them as examples and mentors in my life.

Upon graduating from Ambrose, I attended New Saint Andrews college then continued my education at The Master’s University where I graduated with my B.A. in Classical Liberal Arts. My degree included a teaching practicum that I was able to fulfill by substitute teaching at Ambrose. Throughout my studies, I continued to feel called to teaching. After graduating, I began my teaching career as an upper school Humanities teacher at Trinity Classical Academy in southern California. While I was there, I also began a brand new Mock Trial program.

This summer I got married to Briden Dafoe, and we decided to move back to the Treasure Valley. While I loved my time at Trinity, I am so excited to join the Ambrose community! Fifth grade was one of my favorite years at Ambrose, and I am so grateful to have the opportunity to teach and shape students in the same way that I was. I am also excited to come alongside and continue Ambrose’s relationship with Africa Bright Future School in Rwanda. I have had the opportunity to go to Rwanda to teach the students and train the teachers multiple times and I am looking forward to furthering our relationship with ABFM.

Mrs. Judith Braun-Davis
5th Grade Teacher

LL.M. Law, New York University, New York, LL.B. Law Hons. (Dunelm), Durham University, U.K., admitted to practice law in New York State (retired).

I began working at The Ambrose School in 2015 shepherding the hearts of children during recess. It is my joy to play a part in building God’s Kingdom in a community of like-minded believers. I especially love to showcase the beauty of God’s creation through the seasons, share the truth of His Word and exhort the children to love Him and each other, as we all grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ together. Before joining the staff, I was gratefully able to be a stay-at-home mother for almost nine years, volunteering at the school in the early years of my children’s education. Prior to that I worked as an attorney and compliance specialist in New York City, New York. My formative years were spent in Europe in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

My husband and I moved to Idaho with our two children in 2009. Both our children have been enrolled at The Ambrose School since Kindergarten. As a family we make the most of all Idaho has to offer from camping, white-water rafting to snow sports. When I am not at school I am busy at home taking care of my family and trying to get to the bottom of the leaning tower of books on my bedside table.

Church Affiliation: True Hope Church

Mr. Brian Tromburg
6th Grade Teacher

B.A., Biblical and Theological Studies, Biola University, 2012. I have been at The Ambrose School since 2014, teaching Greek I & II in the Upper School, 4th grade, and 6th grade.

I chose to teach at The Ambrose School because here, Christ can be rightly exalted as the preeminent One over all creation as students learn about everything from literature to the sciences to languages. Until I had been introduced to Ambrose, I wasn’t aware of K-12 classical Christian education. But as I have seen it in action, I am astounded by how God uses it to grow a student in character, discipleship, wisdom, and mastery of skills and knowledge. I love seeing students grow–whether in character, discipleship, wisdom, or knowledge– this growth is God’s redemption in progress, what a blessing!

My hope is that my students learn the knowledge and skills taught in 6th grade, but more importantly, I hope through the subjects, the rigor, and the homework, my students learn to love Christ more and more. I hope they grow in understanding of our Creator and this world He has made. I hope they learn to love the things God loves.

I am married to Natalie. We met at Biola University in California. I am a Boise native. In my spare time, I like to ride my bike, run, camp, and whitewater raft. I love simply hanging out with my wife, and my family.

Church Affiliation: The King’s Congregation

Ms. Savannah Stame
6th Grade Teacher

B.A., Liberal Arts, minor in Music and Global Cultural Studies, Concordia University Irvine.

My introduction to classical Christian education began when my mom homeschooled my siblings and me from first through eighth grade, and inspired in me a love of Christ and a hunger for wisdom and knowledge. I attended Christian high school and continued to pursue Christian education through my time at Concordia University Irvine. There I was introduced to the interdisciplinary nature of education, and I began to see connections in all of my courses. Christ is the common thread tying together the wonders of science, the order of mathematics, the stories of history, and the virtues of literature. When students are able to make connections between all of these subjects, they better understand how God is present in all aspects of study and rest. I seek to inspire a love of the good, true, and beautiful in my students, as well as to spark creativity and a deep-rooted desire to dive deeper into scripture. It will be my honor and joy to share God’s love through stories that have shaped our faith throughout history. Above all, I will pray for my students to grow in love, wisdom, knowledge, joy, and discernment. I am beyond excited to be a part of the warm and soul-nourishing community of The Ambrose School.

In my free time, I enjoy laughing with dear friends and family, traveling whenever and wherever I get the chance, and reading everything I can get my hands on. My other hobbies include cooking for the people I love, capturing beauty through photography or any other artistic medium, and making a joyful noise to the Lord at my church.

Church Affiliation: Good Shepherd Lutheran

Mrs. McKenzie Brooks
6th Grade Latin

I’ve grown up in the world of classical education and my strong belief in it grows with every year. I attended a classical Christian K-12 much like Ambrose as a child and then attended New Saint Andrews for college where I fell in love with the Latin language. I love the mechanics of the language as well as the poetry of it, and am so blessed to be able to share this with my students everyday. I believe that language is a beautiful gift – one that our Creator Himself uses to communicate with us through His Word.

I married my husband Paul in 2021 and we live in Boise and enjoy adventuring around Idaho!

Church Affiliation: Good Shepherd Lutheran

Mrs. LeAnn Schiebout
5th and 6th Grade Art
Upper School Art

B.A., English, ASU West; ESL Tutor, Glendale Community College; Substitute Teacher, Ambrose, 2014-2015; 4 years of Art in high school; self-taught artist.

We discovered Ambrose through Bill Stutzman when we were looking to enroll our oldest child in kindergarten. We realized that classical education wove Christ into the lives and conversations of its students in a organic, loving way. We have been impressed by how well the classical model dovetails with the development of children and engages the whole person: Heart, soul, mind and strength. I am heartened by what our children are memorizing and able to apply to their walk with the LORD.

I love knowing that each time I meet with my students I can share my love for God and the joy He has given us, enabling us to reflect His glory through Art.

I pray that my students learn to love God better through studying the gift of beauty. He is the Master Artist. I desire that they learn a deeper gratitude to the God who made us and gave us a world full of so much beauty. I want to help them slow down and appreciate the detail that He designed for His glory and our pleasure.

I am a wife to my best friend Mark Schiebout, mother of 3 children whom I love fiercely, friend, artist, and servant to the King.

Church Affiliation: United Reformed Church, Nampa

Mrs. Julia Kapsoff
Music Department Chair

M.M., Music Education, Boston University; BMUS, Voice Performance, University of British Columbia

I began teaching music at The Ambrose School in 2013 but my musical journey began at age three through violin lessons. Over the past 20 years, I have taught violin, voice, and piano privately, and have been involved with church music in various capacities. Before joining The Ambrose School faculty, I developed curriculum and taught Music Education, Physical Education and Computer Technology in a Christian school setting. Since arriving at Ambrose, I have immensely enjoyed the wide and varied role of teaching in both the grammar and high schools.

I value education that encourages one’s best effort, that demonstrates how to think critically and debate, which embraces challenge, which pursues possibilities that lie beyond what is readily apparent, and that searches for God’s fingerprint in all places. Although I am still discovering how deeply music fits within the classical Christian view, I believe that a classical Christian education provides the best framework to pursue life-long learning goals as well as spiritual growth and stability in a secular environment.

I moved to Idaho in 2007 with my husband, Dan, and two children, Sasha and Devon. Both attend The Ambrose School. We love to travel, and I enjoy sports, especially hockey.

Mrs. Kathy Shaner
3rd-5th Latin/1st-4th Art

B.A., Liberal Studies, CSUChico, 1987. Continuing education, including training in Classical methodology. I have taught in California public schools, Dept. of Defense schools in Europe, and private Christian schools since 1989; I started at the Ambrose School in 2007 and can honestly say this is the most dynamic, exciting place I’ve ever worked!

My introduction to Classical Christian education came through family whose daughter attended Ambrose; I saw immediately that this model of education reaches deep inside students, nurturing and stimulating much more than just their minds. Our students attain astounding levels of spiritual, intellectual, social, and physical growth through their interaction with centuries of great ideas. They learn to think honestly and with great skill and confidence, and they are uniquely prepared to make an impact on the people around them for the cause of Christ.

I am honored to be part of the work that God is doing at Ambrose.

My husband and I moved to Boise in 2006, and we love our beautiful surroundings— the four seasons, the abundant sunshine, the variety of outdoor activities available, the friendly people, and so much more. We can’t think of a better place to be!

Mrs. Cheryl Thomson
K-2 Music

I have been involved in elementary education since 2006 teaching in Christian schools as well as public schools, with my most recent teaching in the 3rd and 4th grades. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies for grades K-8 from Western Governors University. I studied music at Grand Canyon University with an emphasis in voice and piano. From 2013-2020, I had the privilege of helping lead a 1st-5th grade violin and cello program at Southwood Elementary School in Enumclaw, Washington.

My husband and I have three wonderful children. We have spent most of our time together in Washington State. In 2020, we moved to the Meridian area to be closer to our now adult children. We absolutely love the outdoors and love the abundance of sunshine in this beautiful state of Idaho.

It is such a joy to share the love of music with the K-2 students here at Ambrose! Being able to spread the love of Jesus and give glory to His name through music and teaching is such an honor.

Church Affiliation: Calvary Chapel Meridian

Mrs. Kristie White
Recess Supervisor

After spending the bulk of my professional career in healthcare with varied roles across diverse care settings, I’m now blessed to serve our incredible Ambrose community, and absolutely love it! Outside of my work here at the school, my husband and I serve as Outreach Pastors on the ministry team at Crossroad Fellowship in Eagle.

My heart is to be a blessing, and for the same reasons we chose a classical Christian education for our own children, I pray every day that God grant me wisdom and grace to encourage each of the Ambrose students to develop a strong foundation in their faith, so they may stand on it as adults, know what they believe, and proclaim the truth and beauty of God’s word.

My husband, Travis, and I have enjoyed a lifelong friendship with many shared memories along the way. We first met as 9 and 10-year old children ourselves…a long time ago.

We now have two beautiful children here at The Ambrose School, Isabella and Graeson. Family time usually consists of riding bikes, traveling, and spending time making memories together living, loving, and finding every laugh we can along the way!

Church Affiliation: Crossroad Fellowship, Eagle

Mrs. Morgan Turner
Physical Education Teacher

Coming soon

Mrs. Joyce Alexander
Kindergarten Art

I have been teaching Kindergarten Art at The Ambrose School since 2020. I consider it a great privilege to enter these kindergarten classrooms and spend time instructing my favorite age group in my favorite subject. I am continually amazed at the ability of these small children to grasp new concepts, try unfamiliar techniques, and work with JOY and obedience to create a beautiful piece of artwork. I love that at The Ambrose School even kindergarten art presents an opportunity to not only learn about the important elements of art, but also gives us the freedom to use those elements and our God-given creativity to worship our Lord.

My husband and I have been married since 2006 and we live in Boise with our three children. Our two oldest have attended Ambrose from kindergarten on, and we look forward to our littlest one enrolling this fall. As parents, we have seen first hand the blessing that comes from having our children educated by the classical Christian approach. Their minds and their souls are truly being shaped by God’s truth, goodness and grace. The care and conviction that each teacher and administrator puts into stewarding students at the school is evident. We are so thankful to be a part of this community.

Marriage and motherhood have been such a rich experience and I am beyond grateful to have been given the gift of staying at home with all three of our kiddos. As a family we are fond of travel, books, being creative, and lingering over meals around our dinner table.

Church Affiliation: Christ the Redeemer Anglican