Bridge Program

Wade Ortego

Mr. Wade Ortego
Head of School

B.S., Business, Bryan College in Dayton, Tennessee; M.Ed., Abilene Christian University.

As a leader in classical Christian schools, my great passion is to assist families in the education of their children toward a Biblical worldview that acknowledges Christ as the author and perfecter of the Christian faith. I am committed to the classical Christian model of education and enjoy introducing families to its many benefits. I put a strong emphasis on maintaining and building a student culture. 

I was most recently Headmaster of the Classical Christian Academy in Post Falls, Idaho. Prior to that, I led the Classical School of Wichita in Kansas. 

My wife, Rachel, and I have been married for 23 years and have three boys: Matthew, age 17; Elijah, 16; and Jedidiah, 5.

Mrs. Mandi Moore
Dean of Bridge Program

B.S. Multi-Disciplinary Science, Texas Tech University – College of Education; Texas Educator Certification – Secondary Science Composite (Grades 6-12); M.A. Physical Therapy, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center

While prayerfully researching education options for our oldest child, my husband, Tim, and I became convinced that classical Christian education was the most effective method for raising our children to love the Lord whole-heartedly, think deeply from a Biblical worldview, discern truth, effectively communicate the gospel, and deeply influence the world. This conviction led us to serve on the founding board of Cross Classical Academy (CCA), the first of its kind in the Heart of Texas region, in order to make Classical Christian Education available to families of our community.

Our daughter and son attended CCA and I served as Administrator from 2010 through 2015, when my husband accepted a cardiology position at St. Alphonsus and we relocated to Idaho. Our family is grateful for the opportunity to continue our journey in classical Christian education at The Ambrose School, where we are deeply committed to the school’s mission and are daily blessed by the community of exceptional staff and families. I am excited to participate in the work to extend Ambrose to more families in southern Idaho through the new Bridge Program, a model that combines the best of Christian Classical education with the best aspects of home schooling.

As native Texans, it has been a delight to experience the many activities Idaho has to offer. From spending time outdoors hiking, mountain biking, running, rafting, snowmobiling, and skiing to savoring restaurants and fine arts productions downtown, our family ENJOYS Boise life and the amazing people who call it home.

Affiliations: All Saints Presbyterian Church, Boise Cross Classical Academy – Board President

Dr. Heather Jennings
Academic Dean

Ph.D. in English literature, University of California Davis; M.A. in English literature, Boise State University; B.A. in government, Patrick Henry College.

My engagement with classical Christian education spans nearly twenty years, from taking courses on the literature and history of Greece and Rome in high school from Andrew Kern, a leading thinker and teacher in the cCe movement; to teaching 5th then 12th grades at The Ambrose School; to writing my dissertation on habits of learning in medieval England. I appreciate how classical Christian education situates learning as an expression of loving God with all our minds, equips students to be life-long learners by approaching education not simply as dispensing information but as the formation of habits, teaches students to make connections among all subjects they study, and prepares students to be culture-makers by engaging with the art and ideas that have shaped our world.

I grew up in Boise, Idaho, and spent the past six and a half years in the Sacramento and beautiful San Francisco Bay areas, pursuing my doctorate and teaching at the University of California Davis and Sonoma State University. My husband Brian and I have two preschool aged daughters; we love to read and discuss what we’ve read, entertain, do CrossFit, and spend time in beautiful surroundings by camping, mountain biking, hiking, and traveling.

Church Affiliation: Holy Trinity Anglican Church

Mrs. Cynthia Hymer
Admissions Director

A.A., Fullerton College, Liberal Studies, Fullerton, CA. B.S., Business Management, University of Phoenix, Irvine, CA. Nouthetic Counseling Training, The Institute for Nouthetic Studies, Simpsonville, SC.

I grew up in Northern California near our family dairy in Sonoma County, CA. I moved to southern California to pursue my college education and a career. In 1999 after several years of college and working full-time, I met and married my husband, Brian, a Software Consultant at Quest, Inc. When we began our family it was mutually decided I end my professional career at Apple, Inc., and retire to the position of full-time wife and mother. We have two children; a son and a daughter. When we began our venture in Home Education 16 years ago, we desired for our children to grow to be careful thinkers who loved Christ. Therefore, when we were introduced to the classical Christian model of educating we were drawn in and we continue to serve as our children’s primary educators.

We began the Bridge Program with our daughter in its inaugural year (2017-18). Because we were already teaching a classical Christian curriculum at home, when we heard about The Bridge Program at the Ambrose School, we knew it would be a perfect fit for our daughter. We have been more than delighted as she has grown and thrived.

I enjoy running, being outdoors (when it’s above 40), hospitality, serving, teaching and training our children, and most passionately pursuing Truth through inductive Biblical studies, discipleship, and a desire to finish well.

Church Affiliation: Treasure Valley Bible Church, Meridian

Ms. Hilary Dotters
Assistant Dean of the Upper School
10th-12th Humanities & Writing

Master of Studies from the University of Oxford, M.A. in Jewish Studies from the Graduate Theological Union, B.A. in Philosophy from Biola University.

Classical Christian education appeals to me because of its aim for students to become reflective, attentive people who grow into life long lovers of truth. I have chosen to work at The Ambrose School because of its vision for students to become whole persons, to develop sound thinking, and to cultivate rightly ordered loves. It is from great literature that I desire to teach my students and, with them, to enjoy the time-tested stories that have inspired imaginations, to experience the rhetoric that stirred nations, and to know the movements of history roused by great men and women throughout the ages. The power of the Word transforms, and nothing compares to the encountering and sharing of a great book and its ideas. My vision is to invite students into this conversation. In all this, I want my students to recognize the Good, the True, and the Beautiful; and, in this recognizing and remembering, be moved to conform their lives to it.

When I am not teaching, I am very likely studying theology or trying to wrangle up students to go to Rwanda with me or seeking out long conversations with friends. And if not these, I can often be found outside doing something, usually in the form of bird hunting, fishing, or working in the garden.

Church Affiliation: Holy Trinity Anglican Church

Chrissy Herr

Mrs. Chrissy Herr
Pre-K Teacher

Coming Soon!

Mrs. Kim Jacky
Kindergarten Teacher

B.S., Cum Laude, University of the Ozarks; taught and directed a homeschool group for seven years using the classical Christian education model; speaker and trainer at multiple classical education conferences for almost 12 years; during the 2018-2019 school year, substituted at Bridge in various classrooms.

I have a passion for classical education and development of children. I love to share biblical truth and am excited to be part of a school that allows the Lord to be first and foremost in education.

I am married to a wonderful and supportive husband and have two daughters who both attend Bridge.

Mrs. Karli Stobie
7th-9th Grade Humanities

B.S., Business Management & Human Resources emphasis in Foreign Language from the University of Idaho. Studied Historical & Geographical Settings of the Bible at Jerusalem University College and held an internship at the International Foundation, Washington D.C.

I spent a decade in business development and marketing consulting before homeschooling my four girls in the classical Christian tradition. I have also tutored with Classical Conversations and taught history for several years at another classical school. All four of my girls are enrolled in the Bridge Program.

My greatest joy comes from helping people, big and little, see the wonder and glory of God and His purpose in all things. Whether it is integrating the gospel while teaching math or helping people see how God reveals himself throughout history and in the order and wonder of science, I have developed a passion for teaching and love watching as eyes light up with understanding.

In my free time, I enjoy writing and speaking, dreaming up business ideas with my husband, Joel, and adventuring with my girls. As a family we love to hike, camp, Crossfit, run Spartan races, read great literature and spend time around the table feeding peoples’ bellies and souls.

Mrs. Ann Kesl
2nd Grade Teacher

M.S. in Speech and Language Pathology with an emphasis in Developmental Disabilities, University of Nevada Reno

In the past, I worked within the special education system of the public schools, home schooled my own children for 10 years, and taught within a University model run school. I am enjoying the classical Christian education at The Ambrose School with my family and am impressed daily by the staff and students. I value the opportunity to work in tandem with parents, empowering them to provide the best education for their children within the Ambrose Bridge Program. I consider it a real pleasure and true gift to build those relationships. It is my desire for children to walk out of my class not only knowing how deeply they are loved by Jesus but also to love learning.

My husband Jim and I have four children, three of whom are students at Ambrose. Being a military family, we have had the pleasure of living in many places. We came to Idaho five years ago and finally feel at home. It is our plan to remain here permanently. When I’m not shuttling children around, I enjoy CrossFitting, reading under a snuggly blanket, and trying new foods.

Church Affiliation: Eagle Christian Church

Mrs. Marie Beck
3rd Grade Teacher

B.A., Sociology, Cedarville University; currently working through the Liberty University education graduate program.

I love to get to know people’s stories and the experiences that have shaped them. I home educated my kids in the classical philosophy for nine years. My passion is to walk the journey of life and parenting with other moms, encouraging and empowering them.

I enjoy all things ‘school’ and education, especially elementary age kids, and feel privileged to be part of the Ambrose Bridge family.

For the past 22 years, my husband, Matt, and I have worked together in full-time church ministry, including church planting in the Pacific Northwest then, worship and family ministry in northern California. A year ago, we moved here to the Treasure Valley where my husband grew up. Together we have four amazing kids, and enjoy having people into our home for food and laughter, reading, hiking, and playing music.

Mrs. Catherine Pierce
4th Grade Teacher

B.A., Communications, Regent University.

I have over six years of teaching experience as a Latin teacher at classical Christian schools. I value how classical Christian education fosters the faith, teaches reason, sparks the imagination, and develops a love for truth, beauty, and goodness.

I am originally from the Washington D.C. area and moved to Idaho with my husband. I have a passion for books, baking, biking, and am a proud mama of two adopted cats.

Mrs. Guin Carson
Assistant Dean of the Grammar School
5th Grade Teacher

Classical education has been at the heart of my teaching since my oldest son’s first-grade year of homeschooling. It was then I realized that traditional curriculum and methods might teach him how to read but they would not feed his soul. Our homeschooling endeavor took on new life as I began researching and training in classical methods. Our family enjoyed seven years of homeschooling, but we also spent eight years in small private Christian schools. I have taught a variety of subjects, but my passion has always been literature. Watching students’ eyes light up as they discover timeless truths within great books is my favorite moment in the classroom. And now, I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to continue the great conversation with students in the Ambrose Bridge Program.

My husband and I have been married for 23 years and have lived many places in the United States, ranging from the Deep South to the Pacific Northwest. But we are pleased to call the Treasure Valley our home. Here we have raised our three sons and have participated in a myriad of ministries. He now serves as a pastor, and I am pleased to partner with him in service to the body of Christ. In our free time, we try to keep up with our adroit border collie, Hugo.

Church Affiliation: Star Community Church

Mrs. Lauren Vogt
6th Grade Teacher

B.S., Elementary Education, Martin Luther College; B.A. in German from UW-Milwaukee and the Justus-Liebig-Universität in Giessen,Germany.

I taught 1st-4th grades at a small Lutheran school in California, worked as a 4th grade instructional aide, subbed at my children’s classical academy, and attended numerous classical education conferences.

I became an advocate for classical education by watching my children thrive in the classical model. I firmly believe in teaching through a Christ-centered worldview and appreciate that classical Christian education continually points back to God and His Word.

In my spare time, I enjoy crocheting, reading, baking for my family and friends, and being involved at church. My whole family is excited to begin this new adventure in Idaho and are grateful for the opportunity to become a part of the Ambrose family.

Church Affiliation: Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod

Jessica Braught

Mrs. Jessica Braught
1st Grade

We began homeschooling our children when my oldest was in the first grade. At the time we were a military family and we simply wanted to give our kids a well-rounded education while soaking up as much family time as possible. I’ve spent the last eight years partnering with other families, encouraging them and assisting them in their own homeschool journeys. My passion for helping families foster a love of learning led me to be a founder and the Operations Director of a non-profit homeschool co-op here in the Treasure Valley.

We were introduced to the Ambrose Bridge Program when my oldest was in 6th grade and immediately fell in love with all the amazing teachers and families! Bridge is the perfect blend of in classroom and at home learning. I’m excited to be joining the Ambrose staff and to be able to partner with families as they dive into all the wonderful things classical Christian education has to offer.

I moved to Idaho in 2016 with my husband Curtis, and our two children. Both are currently enrolled in Bridge. In our free time we love doing things as a family. In the colder months we enjoy board games, movies, and indoor activities. During the summer months you’ll find us at the lake with our paddle boards soaking up the Idaho sunshine!

Church Affiliation: Deer Flat Church

Mrs. Anita Wasdahl
Latin, Grades 3 - 6

B.A., Liberal Studies II, Teaching Certificate, San Diego State University.

After homeschooling my five children for 16 years and learning Latin in the process, I began teaching in the classical Christian environment. I developed the “Step into Latin” curriculum now used not only at The Ambrose School but in the Bridge Program as well.

I taught at The Ambrose School as the 7th Grade Humanities and Latin instructor for many years before moving over to The Ambrose Bridge Program to focus on Latin. As a homeschooling veteran, I am delighted to join with parents in the instruction and development of their children.

My husband, Mark, and I have five children and four grandchildren. During the chillier months, I love reading books at Barnes and Noble, while enjoying a cup of hot coffee, and during warmer weather, I enjoy biking the greenbelt. Mark can often be found scorekeeping in both the basketball and volleyball Archer games.

Church Affiliation: All Saints Presbyterian Church

Mrs. Imelda Nedelcu
K - 6 Music

Coming Soon!


Mrs. Lindsey Vint
Physical Education

B.A., Physical Education with Secondary Mathematics teaching endorsement. High School Track & Field Coach since 2006.

I am passionate about my calling to teach. I believe that teaching is the Lord’s plan for me and I am committed to fulfilling that plan with excitement and enthusiasm. I find true joy and gratification in witnessing students mature spiritually and intellectually as they commit themselves to growth.

I was born and raised here in the Treasure Valley and am married with four children, two of whom are enrolled at Ambrose full time. As a family we enjoy movie nights, snacking on home baked goods, sports, camping, boating and all things outdoors.

Mrs. Tiffany Twait
9th-12th Grade Science

B.S., Nursing, North Dakota State University.

After working as a nurse for several years, I spent over two decades raising seven children with my husband of 28 years, Brian, and continuing my own education while homeschooling my family.

I was introduced to Charlotte Mason and classical Christian educational models early in my homeschooling journey and strove to implement them in my home. The result was many years of joyful learning together. I have three privately homeschooled graduates, three enrolled at Ambrose Bridge, and one still little enough to remain at home. I am thrilled to continue my own learning in science and math alongside my students at Bridge.

I love to keep my home filled with good company, good books, and lots of conversation.

Mrs. Erica Zamorano
7th & 9th Grade Composition

B.A. English from California State University Fullerton
Teaching Credential from California State University Dominguez Hills
M.A. Leadership and Spiritual Formation in progress from Northwest Nazarene University

I feel privileged to be joining the Ambrose Bridge community this fall. I have discovered a hidden mecca of people who get oddly excited about some of the same things that I do: books, learning, and God. I was first introduced to Classical education when embarking on my own home education journey. My passion was quickly lit, and I was deeply inspired to provide this form of education for two children. With a desire for more community, I had the opportunity to create and lead a Classical homeschool enrichment program for grammar students for several years. I get quite enthusiastic explaining this model of education to others. The richness of integration, depth, and spirituality simply exhilarates me.

Besides learning, many other things bring me great joy. I delight in long uninterrupted reading sessions, being outside near water or trees, a stroll with my dog, or cultivating a garden. I do enjoy people too. A deep conversation or a hearty laugh bring me immense pleasure.

Abundant change is looming in our household. As our son will start college this fall, our daughter is a new Bridge student, and I will be joining the Bridge Upper School staff. I suppose even our Bernadoodle, Bruce, will also be adapting to the household changes. My dear husband rounds out our family, and fortunately at least one member is in a status quo position during this new exciting chapter of our family’s life.

Mrs. Rachel Smith
10th-12th Grade Math

B.S, Mathematics, University of Texas.

I was born and raised in Texas, and graduated from the University of Texas in 2005. I then began my teaching career at a classical Christian school in Austin, where my eyes were first opened to the wonders of classical education. In 2009, I had my first child and began to homeschool in the classical tradition, always in pursuit of the true, the good and the beautiful in my home. I have continued my private study of mathematics and classical education ever since.

I moved to Idaho with my husband, Levi, and our three children in 2016, where they currently attend the Bridge Program and take advantage of all the outdoor life that Idaho has to offer.

I am currently pursuing a Masters of Science in Mathematics at Indiana State University.

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bridge program

What is the Bridge Program?

The Bridge Program is an alternative way to provide an Ambrose education for your child. It provides two days of on-campus instruction plus lesson plans for three days of parent-led instruction at home. Bridge Program teachers are available for questions and help on home days and provide most grading and planning.

How does it work?

Pre K – 6th on campus days: Monday & Wednesday

7th – 12th on campus days: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday

  • For on campus days, your child will attend a full day of classes from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm.
  • On home days, you act as a co-teacher by instructing your child in the provided lesson plans.
  • Thursdays for 7th – 12th grades are a half day with the option of adding electives to make it a full day.

But I’ve never taught before. How could I do the Bridge Program?

Actually, you have! You are your child’s first and best teacher. We support our co-teachers (that’s you) with training, support materials, and real-time help from your child’s on-campus teacher during home days. Our proven curriculum has been adapted to the needs of Bridge parents and can be easily implemented at home.

bridge program
bridge program

The Benefits​

  • The opportunity to be highly involved in your child’s education
  • Less commute time
  • More individualized instruction from you as needed
  • More flexibility for family time
  • A meaningful connection to a community of classical Christian learners
  • Fellowship and mentorship between students during class, recess, and House games
  • Bridge Program tuition is half the cost of our 5-day program

We are a family ministry

We affirm that parents are the child’s first and best teachers. Parents are the single most influential factor in a child’s educational performance, as well as in their emotional, social, and spiritual development. Therefore, we seek to assist parents in their God-given task to train their children in mind, body, and spirit (Deuteronomy 6 and Ephesians 6:4). By providing time, flexibility, and academic expertise, we promote a partnership that enables parents to adequately fulfill the Lord’s commands for the education and training of children for His glory. We provide a support structure for parents by providing Biblical and academically rigorous curriculum and instruction, but also by training parents through seminars to deepen their own understanding of academic subjects, classical texts, and the way in which faith shapes their worldview.

We provide a classical education

Modern education seeks to train for a job or a career. Classical education seeks to train students about what is true, what is good, and what is beautiful to prepare them to fulfill their purpose as humans made in God’s image. To do this, classical education spends a lot of time looking at past works of literature, history and philosophy so that students can understand who they are and what they ought to be in the present day. Classical education seeks to prepare students to be excellent learners, rigorous thinkers, and effective doers.

We provide a Christian education

More than just creating smart students, we desire to help parents train their children to love God and think Biblically. This starts with our teachers who not only teach our students about the Bible but also strive to model Biblical thinking, to nurture and discipline students according to the truth in the Bible, and to bring all discussions back to the one true source of knowledge: God’s revelation through the written Word and through the person of Jesus Christ. Though we cannot guarantee that all our students will be Christians, we work so that the truth of Christianity is woven attractively into all we say and do.

We use the proven Ambrose curriculum

Seasoned teachers and administration have adapted the proven curriculum of The Ambrose School to fit the needs of The Ambrose Bridge Program. The Academic Dean oversees the selection and development of the curriculum used. We seek to provide the same education that students in our 5-day program receive.  Key considerations for curriculum selection include: compatibility with Biblical worldview, classical approach and methodology, and user-friendliness for parents and students.

We equip parents to teach

Parents are deeply connected to everything that happens in the Bridge Program. Under the leadership of the classroom teacher, the parent acts as a co-teacher in grades K-3 and gradually transitions to the role of mentor as the student becomes increasingly independent in grades 4-12. In grades 9-12, students are expected to take responsibility for their lessons, communicate with teachers, and do their work. The Bridge Program will equip and enable parents to provide quality instruction on home days. Parents are expected without exception to take part in training sessions offered once a quarter in order to become familiar with the curriculum and basic teaching techniques.

Classroom teachers teach the key objectives in class and assign reinforcement or application activities to be completed at home. Weekly lesson plans for both the Bridge classroom and the home classroom are available on the classroom website by Friday of the previous week. The co-teacher (parent) or student is expected to print off plans for the week and to prepare for the assignments in advance.

Communication is key

Communication is key to the success of any student and family in the Bridge Program. The communication and co-laboring between teacher and parent is critical to teaching your child. Teachers communicate frequently and promptly with parents, typically via an online school management system, but also via email, telephone, texting, and face-to-face meetings. Parents are expected to also communicate frequently and promptly.

We require uniforms

Students of the Bridge Program will wear uniforms. Information on requirements and ordering will be provided upon enrollment. Uniforms cost around $100-$150, including shoes, depending on the age and sex of the child.

Q: What is the time commitment for a parent or student?

A: We expect that families will spend Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday completing schoolwork at home. As students progress into harder subjects, they will spend more time on their homework. The benefit of parent-led learning is freedom to progress at the student’s individual pace. Time will vary greatly for each student depending on their personality. Our aim is for students to spend on average three hours a day for grades K-2, four hours a day for 3-6, five hours for 7-9, and six hours a day for 10-12. This amount assumes a parent will be working with multiple children at the same time, and that students will be working more independently as they mature. Weekly assignment sheet examples are available on request.

Q: Will my child’s transcript look the same as an Ambrose student?

A: Yes. Bridge students use the same curriculum as a 5-day student.

Q: What if I have a question while teaching my child and cannot reach his or her teacher?

A: All teachers are required by contract to be available during off campus school days. Teachers will check email at regular intervals during those days in order to respond to questions in a timely manner. We also want to emphasize parent and student responsibility for being prepared each week for their lessons.

Q: What if the information my student is learning is far above my own knowledge as a parent?

A: To help with this, we have chosen curriculum that is user-friendly and contains adequate teaching resources. Additionally, classroom teachers are available for questions. One benefit of this model is that parents are given the gift of time to learn alongside their child. Often, the best learning comes when we have to work for it.

Q: Can my student transfer into The Ambrose School at any time?

A: Yes, if there is an opening. The Bridge Program is designed so that a student can, for example, attend 6th grade in the Bridge Program and be prepared for 7th grade at The Ambrose School. As with any transition between schools, parents and students should expect a time of adjustment. Family interviews and an application fee may apply when changing between Bridge and our 5-day program.

Q: I have three children in different grades. How will I have the time and ability to manage all their needs the three days a week at home?

A: Teaching multiple levels of students is never easy but the Bridge Program makes our curriculum doable for any committed parent.

All Bridge students follow the same historical time period. This way, students across the grades can participate in what their siblings are learning.
In the younger grades, certain classes are combined between grades so that parents do not have to teach a whole new class to each student.

Teachers strive to mitigate the work by giving clear instructions for both parents and students. We also emphasize and teach time management and responsibility from a young age.

Q: Can I apply to teach at The Ambrose School Bridge Program?

A: As openings become available, we welcome applications from teachers who are excited to be a part of our growing community! Email for our Bridge teacher application.

Q: How do I know the Bridge Program is right for me?

A: Consider the following questions as parents:

  • Will our family benefit from having another person organize the curriculum for our children’s instruction?

  • Can we provide an environment conducive to learning within our home?

  • Are our family dynamics such that our children will respond to us as their teachers?

  • Are our family dynamics such that we can commit to the workload required at home?

  • Is this the best educational model for us?

Pray about it.

Contact us. If you have questions or just want to talk about what The Ambrose School Bridge Program would look like for your family, please contact us at (208) 789-7337 and we would be happy to meet with you!

Create an account with our online application system. You will be asked whether you are applying for The Ambrose School, or The Ambrose School Bridge Program. Select the latter. You will need to fill out a separate application for each child applying to Bridge.

Pay application fee. There will be a $115 application fee for each student. This fee covers student testing and application paperwork.

Bring in your student for testing and a family interview. Every new student is tested to determine his or her academic and behavioral preparation for the Bridge Program. The testing process takes 30-40 minutes and helps our teachers assess in which grade the student will be most successful.

Attend the parent interview. Families participate in a parent interview with Bridge administrators to assess whether The Bridge Program and prospective families are a good fit for one another. During the interview, parents and administrators will discuss the family’s ability to provide co-teaching for their students, the alignment of the family’s faith with the school’s statement of faith, classical Christian education, and the family’s application documents.

Notification of acceptance. Applicants will be notified of acceptance by May 1. Accepted students will then receive a packet with further information about fall enrollment.


Bridge Program students participate in Junior High sports with Ambrose 5-day students. In high school, Bridge students currently compete with their local public high school for sports other than soccer. Once the Bridge Program is accredited through the Association of Classical Christian Schools, (ACCS), the Idaho High School Athletics Association (IHSAA) will decide whether Bridge students will compete with Ambrose 5-day in high school sports.


Grammar students attend weekly art and music classes. Grades 5-6 participate in drama. Upper School students are enrolled in bi-weekly art or music classes. Depending on student interest, Bridge Upper School offers extracurricular programs in order to customize activities and practices for the Bridge schedule. Bridge currently offers music, art, and drama classes for 7th-12th.


Bridge Program students attend dances with Ambrose 5-day students in 7th-12th grades.


7th-12th students participate in a program called House. Each student is assigned a House at the beginning of their 7th grade year (or a higher grade if they are a new student). Houses compete with each other in House games, work to keep the school clean and participate in community service projects.

For more information call (208) 789-7337 or email

Mrs. Cynthia Hymer
Administrative Assistant

Classically Connecting Home and School

“Day after day, week after week, my kids began to cultivate better habits of learning that have yielded a sense of confidence in their God-given gifts and abilities, and peace in the predictability of each day, all the while working with focus and diligence like never before. These habits will go a long way in building my children's character and will serve them well in life, not just in their academics.”
Bridge Program Parent

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