A Classical Christian School Serving K-12 in the Greater Boise Area



Welcome from Ambrose

We are always seeking new students and families that will contribute to our community and vision. While we do fill many of our grades, we strongly encourage you to apply. We sometimes have openings due to family relocations or economic conditions.

Why choose The Ambrose School?

Christian worldview

Ambrose2011-203-EditWe start with biblical theology in every subject we teach. Classical Christian education doesn’t add a Bible class, or a worldview class. It uses biblical principles to completely rework the way we approach education.

Strong academics

Idaho school standards rank near the bottom nationally1. We want to help students succeed nationwide and worldwide by offering a strong academic alternative in the Boise Valley.

Thinking, articulate students

Rather than simply filling students’ minds with facts, we go further to develop a student’s ability to think, reason, read, write and speak well.

Not a “conveyor belt” education

Our “humane letters” approach is well-rounded, allowing students to become learners in music, art, literature, philosophy, theology, math, and science.

Great teachers, great students

Ambrose2011-498-EditOur teachers are hired from across the nation, around the world, and right here in the Treasure Valley. They share a unique love for the pursuit of truth. And, they are passionate not only about their subjects, but about inspiring students to learn. Our students know why they’re here, and they want to be here. This community of teachers and students is essential for great education.

1– Based on federal standards published by the NAES 2003-2009, study published by Education Next, A Publication of Stanford University, Fall 2010.


Please contact our Admissions Director at admissions@theambroseschool.org