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We love our grandparents! Grandparents Day is April 27th

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Every year, we set aside one special day to honor our grandparents. This year, we are inviting all Ambrose grandparents to join their grandkids at school on April 27th. Grandparents Day is a half-day where grandparents visit classrooms, listen to special presentations, and then are excused to spend the rest of the day enjoying some time with their special students.

grandparents“We realize that grandparents play an important role in the student’s life. From daily pick-up duty when parents work full-time to providing financial support to simply speaking wisdom into the lives of the next generation, our grandparents are invaluable.  They support, encourage, attend performances, and give students a ready ear for hearing about how their day at school went. We want them to know how much we appreciate all they do and honor them with this special day,” says Ambrose Head of School, Kirk VanderLeest.

All our grandparents are invited, and asked to mark their calendars for April 27th, from 8 am – 12:00 pm.