“When the light of Christ’s glory appeared in the first century, it revealed to that the old gods
were a bit shabby. But his glory more than made up for it. Then Christians cleaned house
and the west became a capacious and vibrant place. And beneath its soaring heights new
things were built, things that had never been seen before: universities, and hospitals, as
well as the greatest civilization the world has ever known. It wasn’t heaven on earth; that
civilization had its faults—but on a scale of relative goods, it was the best there ever was.

The telescope didn’t destroy it. Atheism did—that way of seeing that doesn’t see. Now
we’re told that there is no given intrinsic meaning because there is no God to give it. Some
atheists are urbane, others are violent, and yet others popularize the new creed. But they
all agreed: In the end, everything amounts to nothing.”

– C.R. Wiley