BASECAMP LIVE: Culture-Shaping House Programs w/ Jordan Tucker

“What is House?” “What does it have to do with my child’s education?” “What really are its benefits?”

If any of these questions have ever bubbled up in your mind and piqued your curiosity, then please take a moment to listen to the most recent Basecamp Live podcast on “Culture-Shaping through House Programs.” And if you’ve never asked these questions, then it’s even more important that you do listen!

  • The podcast is a “House 101” that outlines:
  • How House fits within classical Christian education
  • Why it can’t be separated from the classroom
  • Why its necessary to fulfill the mission of forming students in and for Christ (i.e., to disciple young Christians into exercising wise dominion over their lives for God’s glory)
  • Its vision and mission … what it is and what it’s not
  • Its basic program structure
  • How students are developed as leaders and the opportunities that all students have
  • And much, much more …



May the Lord’s blessing be upon you and your family as the summer comes to a close.

Jordan Tucker, Dean of Student Culture