Enjoy this September promotion for 15% off orders of $75 or more. This will be valid until 9/30/19.

Through our new Sideline Store, you can purchase Ambrose logo wear at any time during the year! This gives us the ability to offer a bigger variety of clothing items and accessories. You can custom pick the shirt and the design you prefer. Take a look and see all Sideline has to offer!

For families with students who play sports, this will NOT be where you purchase the new sport specific logo wear. I will continue to offer a one week store at the beginning of each sports season that will have the current team gear that you can purchase for your player and family fans. This will be where the NEW design comes out each year. Sideline will have basic sports designs which you can purchase anytime during the year if you miss the ONE WEEK team store.

I will have last year’s logo wear in the Uniform Closet until I sell out. All sweatshirts and t-shirts are 40% off until items are gone. I will continue to sell small items and specialized t-shirts (25th anniversary tee, house shirts, hats, socks, lanyards, etc.) at the school and going forward.

With so many families using the used uniform closet for uniform items I have run out of room to store logo wear at the capacity I have in the past. Going to online ordering will clear up some space in the closet for you to shop in a less crowded space and gives you the opportunity to purchase logo wear anytime! You can always find the link to the Sideline Store on the school website under Parent Life.

Please contact me at hhughes@theambroseschool.org with any questions you might have. GO ARCHERS!!!

– Heather Hughes