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Home Room Parents

HomeHome Room Parents

Home Room Parents assist the teacher in getting volunteer help in the classroom, as well as forwarding communication to parents regarding event sign ups for all school and classroom events. As an HRP (Home Room Parent) you’ll do a lot of delegating and organizing. Being an HRP doesn’t necessarily require you to be in the classroom, although it is helpful for directing parents at events.

HRP Duties:

  • Planning the class budget with the teacher and explaining to parents via e-mail how the funds will be used.
  • Getting sign-ups for treats for Exordium and other events, etc.
  • Organizing and e-mailing parents, which doesn’t include a lot of classroom time. Most of this can be done from home and by working parents.

Average Time Requirement:
Approximately 10 hours for Aug-Oct (total) and a few hours per month for the rest of the year. Because the position requires a certain amount of anticipation of upcoming events and school policies, we prefer to only place people who are new to Ambrose alongside an experienced HRP. Our goal is to always have two HRPs per class because it’s nice to have help and a backup! We do provide a mandatory training for all HRPs every year and an HRP Handbook for your reference. Please contact one of the HRP coordinators for a copy of the handbook.

HRP Coordinators:

  • K – 6: Julie Houston & Molly Olsen
  • 7 – 12: Jennifer Brushey

Please use ParentSquare to contact your homeroom parent. If you don’t have a printed directory, you can also find their information through Renweb.