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Ambrose-134The Classical Christian Education movement is quickly growing!

New schools are starting every year and many private schools are changing their direction in order to provide a classical Christian education. It’s an exciting time, but there also lies much fear and trepidation.

What is this Trivium thing?
What curriculum should we use?
How do we use Socratic discussion to teach?
How do we integrate the subjects?
What does it mean to “train the affections”?
How can we support our teachers?

The questions can be endless.

Master teachers to train YOUR teachers

Do you wish that you could have an experienced classical Christian teacher in your school to train your teachers? Someone who can come into your classrooms, meet with teachers, and give them the specific information and help that will make your school successful?

The Ambrose School offers consulting services with two of our seasoned teachers who not only understand what it means to teach classically, but also have experience in mentoring and supporting teachers.

Bobbie Post and Kathy Troyer have over 30 years of combined experience in teaching at classical Christian schools. Their experience covers all of the stages of the Trivium – grammar, logic, and rhetoric. They are front line teachers who have been in the classroom teaching real students in real time.

These master teachers offer conversation, support, direction, and training, whether you are a new classical Christian school, a school converting to classical Christian education, or a school whose teachers just need encouraging help to understand what it means to teach classically.

Customized training

Our consultants will customize their training to meet your current needs. They will work in the classroom with individual teachers, conduct observations and give specific feedback, meet with individuals and small groups, or present in a workshop setting. Their aim is to give practical help that also reinforces the philosophy of classical Christian education.

Soli Deo Gloria!

If you are interested in having one or both of our consultants come to your school to provide training, please fill out the request form below.

Troyer 16Kathy Troyer, Grammar School Consultant

Kathy Troyer is a Master Teacher in the grammar school at The Ambrose School. Her 18 years of experience in classical Christian schools covers all K - 6 grades along with the three stages of the Trivium. One of her greatest joys is introducing Shakespeare to the hearts and minds of her students during the Pre-Logic stage (5th-6th grades) by producing plays that the students perform. She is an author of curriculum published through Logos Press and Veritas Press, as well as in-house curriculum. She has trained teachers in various seminars, and presented at the Association of Classical Christian School's annual conference.
post 16Bobbie Post, Upper School Consultant

Bobbie is a Master Teacher and currently teaches 11th grade Medieval Humanities at The Ambrose School. Her experience includes a wide array of educational systems from home school to private Christian school to public school and now, Ambrose. As a latecomer to the cCe movement, her strength in consulting comes in encouraging those who think the world of classical Christian education is inaccessible due to lack of training. Her 12 years at The Ambrose School has convinced her that the effort to learn and adapt is completely worth the end goal of teaching our next generation to be lovers of God. Alongside Jenny Rallens and David Goodwin, Bobbie has developed a model of discussion that is used in the upper school at Ambrose. She is a front line kingdom builder who will listen, assess and give you the tools you need to join this great movement.

“As a first year classical school educator, I felt tension between my love for teaching the Great Books and the weight of responsibility in choosing literature that would best connect the important themes from all that comprises the Medieval world.  Mrs. Bobbie Post, having lovingly and successfully labored through this great enterprise herself,  helped me both map out unifying themes from the Medieval world and to choose texts that would best unveil these concepts. She found the gaps in my curriculum and helped me to create a program that would meld the major units together. Now I have an objective.  Now I know where I am going.” 

Rachel Zolinski, Wenatchee, WA

“Our talk with you (Bobbie) was very helpful. We went from “filling holes” in the schedule to thinking strategically about what each class needs to be. The teachers entered reluctant and left seeing the big picture and willing to give. Because of our growth and losing a couple of teachers next year, it’s the perfect time to revamp the history / lit classes with an eye and proposed future changes in Bible. Thank you.” 

Jean Auxier, Kansas City

Fee Schedule

  • $700/day plus transportation, food, and lodging (includes a 1 hour pre-consultation and a 1 hour post-consultation by telephone)
  • Additional phone consultations – $100/hour
  • Three-day Consultation and workshop (Thursday/Friday in school; Saturday workshop) – $1800

On tight school budgets, you can spend $1000+ for one teacher to get inspired at a conference in June. OR, you can have one of our consultants come in for up to three days to interact with your whole staff in October…when it matters!