A Classical Christian School Serving K-12 in the Greater Boise Area

Our Tenets


We affirm that parents are the child’s first and best teachers. Parents are the single most influential factor in a child’s educational performance, as well as in their emotional, social, and spiritual development. Therefore, we seek to assist parents in their God-given task to train their children in mind, body, and spirit (Deuteronomy 6 and Ephesians 6:4). By providing time, flexibility, and academic expertise, we promote a partnership that enables parents to adequately fulfill the Lord’s commands for the education and training of children for His glory. We provide a support structure for parents by providing Biblical and academically rigorous curriculum and instruction, but also by training parents through seminars to deepen their own understanding of academic subjects, classical texts, and the way in which faith shapes their worldview.


Modern education seeks to train for a job or a career. Classical education seeks to train students about what is true, what is good, and what is beautiful to prepare them to fulfill their purpose as humans made in God’s image. To do this, classical education spends a lot of time looking at past works of literature, history and philosophy so that students can understand who they are and what they ought to be in the present day. Classical education seeks to prepare students to be excellent learners, rigorous thinkers, and effective doers.


More than just creating smart students, we desire to help parents train their children to love God and think Biblically. This starts with our teachers who not only teach our students about the Bible but also strive to model Biblical thinking, to nurture and discipline students according to the truth in the Bible, and to bring all discussions back to the one true source of knowledge: God’s revelation through the written Word and through the person of Jesus Christ. Though we cannot guarantee that all our students will be Christians, we work so that the truth of Christianity is woven attractively into all we say and do.


Seasoned teachers and administration have adapted the proven curriculum of The Ambrose School to fit the needs of The Ambrose Bridge Program. The Ambrose School’s Academic Dean oversees the selection and development of the curriculum used for the Bridge Program. We seek to provide the same education that students receive in the 5-day program at The Ambrose School to students at Bridge. Key considerations for curriculum selection include: compatibility with Biblical worldview, classical approach and methodology, and user-friendliness for parents and students.


Parents are deeply connected to everything that happens in the Bridge Program. Under the leadership of the classroom teacher, the parent acts as a co-teacher in grades K-3 and gradually transitions to the role of mentor as the student becomes increasingly independent in grades 4-12. In grades 9-12, students are expected to take responsibility for their lessons, communicate with teachers, and do their work. The Bridge Program will equip and enable parents to provide quality instruction on home days. Parents are expected without exception to take part in training sessions offered once a quarter in order to become familiar with the curriculum and basic teaching techniques.

Classroom teachers teach the key objectives in class and assign reinforcement or application activities to be completed at home. Weekly lesson plans for both the Bridge classroom and the home classroom are available on the classroom website by Friday of the previous week. The co-teacher (parent) or student is expected to print off plans for the week and to prepare for the assignments in advance.


Communication is key to the success of any student and family in the Bridge Program. The communication and co-laboring between teacher and parent is critical to teaching your child. Teachers communicate frequently and promptly with parents, typically via an online school management system, but also via email, telephone, texting, and face-to-face meetings. Parents are expected to also communicate frequently and promptly.


Students of the Bridge Program will wear uniforms. Information on requirements and ordering will be provided upon enrollment. Uniforms cost around $100-$150, including shoes, depending on the age and sex of the child.

For more information call 208-789-7337 or email bridgeprogram@theambroseschool.org

Classically Connecting Home and School