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Q: What is the time commitment for a parent or student?

A: We expect that families will spend Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday completing schoolwork at home. As students progress into harder subjects, they will spend more time on their homework. The benefit of parent-led learning is freedom to progress at the student’s individual pace. Time will vary greatly for each student depending on their personality. Our aim is for students to spend on average three hours a day for grades K-2, four hours a day for 3-6, five hours for 7-9, and six hours a day for 10-12. This amount assumes a parent will be working with multiple children at the same time, and that students will be working more independently as they mature. Weekly assignment sheet examples are available on request.

Q: Will my child’s transcript look the same as an Ambrose student?

A: Yes. Bridge students are taking the same classes with the same curriculum as an Ambrose student.

Q: What if I have a question while teaching my child and cannot reach his or her teacher?

A: All teachers are required by contract to be available during off campus school days. Teachers will check email at regular intervals during those days in order to respond to questions in a timely manner. We also want to emphasize parent and student responsibility for being prepared each week for their lessons.

Q: What if the information my student is learning is far above my own knowledge as a parent?

A: To help with this, we have chosen curriculum that is user-friendly and contains adequate teaching resources. Additionally, classroom teachers are available for questions. One benefit of this model is that parents are given the gift of time to learn alongside their child. Often, the best learning comes when we have to work for it.

Q: Can my student transfer into The Ambrose School at any time?

A: Yes, if there is an opening. The Bridge Program is designed so that a student can, for example, attend 6th grade in the Bridge Program and be prepared for 7th grade at The Ambrose School. As with any transition between schools, parents and students should expect a time of adjustment. Family interviews and an application fee may apply when changing between Bridge and The Ambrose School.

Q: I have three children in different grades. How will I have the time and ability to manage all their needs the three days a week at home?

A: Teaching multiple levels of students is never easy but the Bridge Program makes our curriculum doable for any committed parent.

  • All Bridge students follow the same historical time period. This way, students across the grades can participate in what their siblings are learning.
  • In the younger grades, certain classes are combined between grades so that parents do not have to teach a whole new class to each student.
  • Teachers strive to mitigate the work by giving clear instructions for both parents and students.
  • The Bridge Program emphasizes and teaches time management and responsibility from a young age.

Q: Can I apply to teach at The Ambrose School Bridge Program?

A: As openings become available, we welcome applications from teachers who are excited to be a part of our growing community! Email personnel@theambroseschool.org for our Bridge teacher application.

Q: How do I know the Bridge Program is right for me?

A: Consider the following questions as parents:

  • Will our family benefit from having another person organize the curriculum for our children’s instruction?
  • Can we provide an environment conducive to learning within our home?
  • Are our family dynamics such that our children will respond to us as their teachers?
  • Are our family dynamics such that we can commit to the workload required at home?
  • Is this the best educational model for us?

Pray about it.

Contact us. If you have questions or just want to talk about what The Ambrose School Bridge Program would look like for your family, please contact us at 208-789-7337 and we would be happy to meet with you!


For more information call 208-789-7337 or email bridgeprogram@theambroseschool.org

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