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swing girls tuition pageYour child’s education will help shape who they become.

Please consider the lifelong value your child will receive at The Ambrose School. We realize you have many educational options, and we work diligently to keep our costs as low as possible.


49% of our families pay a reduced tuition through our multiple child discount and financial aid.

We are committed to making a classical Christian education affordable to families. We offer significant discounts for multiple children — nearly twice that of other Christian schools in our area for families with 3+ children.

Payment plans help fit tuition into your budget.

We provide an interest-free payment plan to help families budget tuition into their monthly expenses. Tuition for the year can be paid in one payment to receive a discount, or in 10 monthly payments July – April.

Financial Aid

Other Ambrose families and donors contribute generously to our Financial Aid Fund. Families who are experiencing financial hardship, or are in Christian ministry are welcome to apply. Contact our admissions director for more information.

Tuition & Fees (5-day)


5-day tuition 2019-20

5-day Fees 2019-20

5-Day 2019-20 Tuition & Fees Details


If your family would be interested in a shared instruction model, check out our Bridge Program.


2-day Bridge Program Tuition & Fees

Bridge Tuition 2019-20

 2019-20 Bridge Program Tuition & Fees Details 

Make an investment in your child.

Contact our Admissions Director at admissions@theambroseschool.org or submit an inquiry or application by clicking on a box below.