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Re-enrollment of current families

Students that do not re-enroll by the end of February are considered new families for the purpose of enrollment priority, fees, and waiting lists. The following priority extends ONLY to students whose applications are received during this period:

Priority for available seats:

  • Continuing students
  • Siblings of continuing students
  • All other applicants (see new family enrollment priorities below)

Enrollment period for new families

January 1 through April 15:
Priority Enrollment for new students who will attend during the next school year beginning in late August.

Applications received during Priority Enrollment are considered as a group in late April. New families are encouraged to enroll during this time period in order to get the best chance for acceptance. We consider the following as we rank all applications received during this period.

Considerations for new family acceptance:

  • Family support.
  • A family faith that aligns with our statement of faith.
  • An understanding of classical Christian education.
  • A student’s test results.
  • For older students, their contribution to our school community.

None of these are “litmus tests.” Rather, we consider all factors when admitting a new student.

After April 15th:
Open Enrollment

Any student application received after April 15th is considered, subject to our acceptance criteria, for admission in any remaining openings.

Applications during the school year:

Due to our unique curriculum and high standards, the later in the year students apply for admission, the more difficult it becomes for students to succeed. Grammar school students generally can succeed if they enter during the first semester (before January 1st). We consider applications during any time of the year. High school students must generally be enrolled during the first four weeks of the semester, but can, on occasion, be enrolled mid-year.

Applications after the second week of September of the student’s Junior year:

We do not allow new students entering after this time to graduate from The Ambrose School unless they were previously enrolled at a classical Christian school. We can allow students to complete the coursework, but they will not graduate.

Please contact our Admissions Director at admissions@theambroseschool.org or submit an inquiry by clicking on the box below.