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236A0507The Ambrose School uses an admissions procedure that allows us to more accurately identify and admit students from families whose educational convictions are similar to those of the school.

Attending The Ambrose School is a privilege. Students and families are enrolled at the direction of the Administration and Board. We reserve the right to refuse admission or continued enrollment to anyone.

  1. We welcome your classroom visit before you apply– call 208-323-3888 to visit with our Admissions Director or schedule a tour.
  2. Complete our online application and submit the application fee online ($95 for 5-Day; $95 for Bridge Program per application).
  3. For students above the 2nd grade, copies of standardized test scores and academic records (report cards or transcripts) are requested prior to student testing (step 4).
  4. Our admissions office will schedule testing for your child. This typically takes 30 – 60 minutes for grammar school, and sometimes longer in the upper school. This is usually done after 2:30 PM when school is no longer in session.
  5. Our admissions office will also schedule a family interview. This can be scheduled at the same time as the child’s testing, but waiting for results may create a delay if the family is seeking immediate enrollment.
  6. During the open enrollment period, families are held for admission until the final deadline. Within two weeks of the deadline, all families will be notified of their acceptance/ rejection.

For more information, please contact our Admissions Director at admissions@theambroseschool.org or begin your application by clicking on the box below.