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Many associate classical Christian education with excellent literature, philosophy, history, art, and theology, but our math and science programs are equally impressive. In truth, classical Christian education addresses all of creation, including the natural world.

  • Ambrose2011-300-EditIronically, our grammar school students achieve their highest scores in math relative to other preparatory schools– often in the 90th percentile.
  • Our average high school student scores well above the Idaho average on the quantitative portion of both the PSAT and the SAT.
  • Our math curriculum goes through Calculus. The standard math track has students complete basic calculus. We require through Algebra II and trigonometry to graduate.
  • Grammar school students acquire an extensive science knowledge of biological taxonomy, astronomy, anatomy, and some earth science and chemistry.
  • Our secondary program includes physics and chemistry (required), and offers concurrent credit Human Biology and Chemistry through Northwest Nazarene University.
  • We offer students up to 18 science/math concurrent college credits through Northwest Nazarene University: Chemistry – 4 credits; Human Biology – 4 credits; Calculus – 4 credits; Pre-Calculus – 6 credits (Includes: 3 credits Trigonometry and 3 credits College Algebra)
  • Our secondary science lab is fully outfitted for chemistry, physics, and biology.
  • We have a computer lab in the library, a supplemental computer lab for students in the secondary, and a media room with computers and technology for video, audio, and print production.