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“. . .We also believe that the truth is one, even as God is one. We believe, therefore, that the truth is systematic, and that the different truths are related.”
C. S. Lewis

This page will walk you through the distinct and deliberate academic program we use at The Ambrose School. If you would like to view our test results and other academic performance standards, please view our Measuring Success page.


Our mission: To mature students in Christ as we integrate faith and reason through classical Christian education.

This mission is further expressed in our six goals for a graduate below.

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Six Goals for a Graduate

Our entire curricular system from k through grade 12 is designed to result in an “educated” graduate in the classical sense of the term. Of course, graduates will reach this ideal with varying levels of success. We believe all students will benefit greatly from completing our entire K-12 program.

11 Areas of Study

To accomplish our six goals, we map our curriculum into 11 concentrations. This listing will help you connect our curriculum highlights with the reasons that we teach.

A Few Curriculum Highlights

Our curriculum is too extensive to publish here, so we’ve included some highlights. We intend for parents to view these as they seek to appreciate the classroom experience.