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MAPS (Music, Art, PE, and Science lab)

236A0110In grades k-6, students have about 4-5 hours per week where they leave the classroom to learn in a hands-on environment.


Students learn to sing and play instruments. In the fall, we’re preparing for our December Traditional Christmas Concert which draws an audience of over 1,200 each year.


Students appreciate art every day, but on MAPS days, they work in our art studio learning the essentials of drawing, painting, and sculpting in the classical form. Students work on the seven elements of art (line, shape, form, value, texture, color, space) to better reproduce the works of the masters.


Students participate in the Presidential Fitness program, as well as learn to dance and play numerous athletic games.


Students learn science daily, but even our grammar students get to put on the safety glasses and do hands on experiments in our specialized grammar school lab.Speech-caven-girl-177x300

Speech Meet

Each fall, every student in grades k-6 performs in a speech meet. The competition begins in class in front of three judges. Students can choose between famous oratory, poetry, or a story. Each year, about 30-40 students advance from the classroom round with a superior rating. These students compete in the semi-finals to determine which 8-10 will move on to the final exordium round. Over the years, students advance their speaking voice and presence before entering our rhetoric school where they are further challenged to defend a thesis. Our written and oral rhetoric track is one of the keystones of a classical education. Shaping students’ abilities at a young age is of priceless importance.

Parents notice the difference: “One of the most valuable experiences the graduates will have, or already have, is a skill which carries much more in life, than a lot of other skills…it is a skill of public speaking. Our daughter, Caroline, presenting during 4H meetings, does far better than 15-year olds from other schools…we can tell the difference.” A Parent of a 4th Grader.

Homework Club

Families who would like a little extra help with homework can join this very affordable club which meets after school for grades 1-6. Students can attend every day or selected days. Students work under the close supervision of adults and student tutors to focus on getting work done. This is particularly helpful in Latin, math, and history when students exceed their parents’ knowledge.

Music & Drama

Basic Orchestra

236A0316Grades 7 and up (6th by audition) for students with basic knowledge of their instrument. This course prepares students for the general orchestra.

General and Honors Orchestras

From accompanying student choirs to the “super spy fly by” to Mozart, members of this orchestra learn to play in a variety of settings.

Devoveo Choir

A grades 7-8 choir that enjoys singing the classics and some peppered in variety.

Gaudeo Choir

Our grades 9-12 choir that primarily sings a capella.

Cantavi (K-6 Select Choir)

Those students who audition in to our select children’s choir enjoy sharpening their talent to produce a sound only children can make at Christmas. This choir provides an opportunity for students to pursue excellence in music at a young age.

5th Grade Shakespeare Play

Arsenic-124A long running tradition, this program may surprise you. First time attendees are often amazed by what 5th graders can do. Students perform a slightly abbreviated Shakespeare play, though the language remains “Shakespearean.”

Jr. High & High School Drama

Each year, our junior high and high-school drama students perform a play of significance to the classical theatrical tradition. Often, we do Shakespeare, but we also may do ancient Greek plays or, occasionally, 20th century works.