A Classical Christian School Serving K-12 in the Greater Boise Area

K-6 Faculty

Mrs. Amy KusinHalf-Day Kindergarten TeacherI studied Elementary Education at Boise State University, and have over ten years experience working with young children. I have been a substitute teacher here at The Ambrose School for the past three years.

Ambrose is a wonderful school that teaches students a love of learning, a Godly world perspective and moral character. It is the place that my husband and I have chosen for our three children and I count it a privilege to teach here. It is a blessing to invest into the lives of these young students and see them grow in their abilities. It is my hope that the students will gain the foundation needed to become life time learners and believers in Christ.

I feel it is important to have a love for learning if you are going to teach. I seek to grow in my understanding of classical Christian education and, more importantly, in my Christian faith. I am married to a wonderful godly man and have three gifted children. I feel blessed to be surrounded by God's creation and take advantage of activities like hiking, biking and camping. I also love being creative through painting, refinishing furniture, and repurposing items.

Church Affiliation: Vineyard Christian Fellowship
Mrs. Julie MoyKindergarten TeacherB.S. Elementary Education and B.S. Special Education, University of Idaho; Behavior/Learning Disorders Consulting Teacher Certification, University of Oregon; Teacher Mentor Certification, Processing and Cognitive Enhancement License, Northwest Nazarene University.

I have taught in public and Christian schools for more than 25 years. I choose to teach at a Classical Christian School because I love that every academic subject, activity and character trait we foster is based upon the truth - God's truth. I love seeing students reach their God-given potential.

Teaching is a humbling calling where God continually reminds me how important and life-changing our influence as educators can be. To teach in a community of believers with a common vision for the families and children we serve is a blessing.

My husband and I have four children and two grandchildren.

Church Affiliation: The Vineyard
Mrs. Oksana FedorchukKindergarten TeacherI have been in children's ministry for nearly 20 years. I love working with young children and helping them discover their God given talents and abilities. I choose to teach at the Classical Christian school because every subject here encourages students to honor the Lord and to love His standards.

My husband Paul and I have 4 children, 3 of which attend The Ambrose School.

Church Affiliation: Meridian Assembly of God
Mrs. Kari King1st Grade TeacherB.A. in History, University of California, Santa Barbara
Multiple Subject Teaching Credential, California State University, Northridge at Channel Islands

I taught kindergarten and first grade in the Pleasant Valley School District, Camarillo, CA before moving to Idaho. I began substitute teaching at The Ambrose School in 2015 and I taught full day kindergarten as a long term substitute teacher for three quarters of the 2016-2017 school year.

I have loved working and volunteering with young students throughout my life. Teaching brings me great joy and I feel blessed and honored to be able to serve the families of The Ambrose School. Our three children have attended Ambrose since kindergarten. As we have watched them grow and mature, we have become increasingly convinced of the mission of Classical Christian Education. It is my desire to help guide students as they develop their love of God and a love of learning. I believe that young children thrive in a classroom that is warm and loving, yet consistent, with established routines that build responsibility and independence. I consider it a great privilege to assist students in becoming strong readers, discovering the excitement and adventure that can be found in wonderful literature. I love to learn and share the wonder and beauty of God’s world through history, science and math!

My husband, Toby, and I were married in 1998. We moved to Idaho in 2005 and love living in the Treasure Valley. Our children were born in Boise in 2006, 2008 and 2010. In my leisure time, I enjoy writing, knitting, cooking and especially reading! Our family loves camping, hiking and traveling to visit loved ones.

Church Affiliation: Faith Community Bible Church
Mrs. Debbie Shattuck1st Grade TeacherB.S. in Criminal Justice, minor in Psychology from Marshall University in 1986; J.D. from West Virginia University College of Law in 1989.

I began at The Ambrose School in 2007 as a teacher's aide in the all-day kindergarten and first grade.  I continued as an aide and as a substitute teacher until I began teaching first grade full time in January of 2011.

I chose to change career paths into teaching because I saw the benefit of classical Christian education first hand for my son.  I also deeply believed in the mission of The Ambrose School.

I strive to provide a safe, consistent and loving learning environment where I can help each child, given their individual strengths and learning styles, not only to enjoy learning but also to grow in their love for the Lord. 

I have been married to my husband, Dewy, for 25 years. Our son has attended The Ambrose School since kindergarten and is now a senior. We have lived in Boise for almost 20 years, and I enjoy the outdoor activities such as trail running and camping as well as doing olympic lifting and crossfit.

Church Affiliation: Eagle United Methodist Church
Mrs. Terryl Liimakka2nd Grade TeacherB.S., Education, University of Idaho, 1988. I taught at Logos School for one year, Seltice Elementary in the Post Falls School District for four years, and homeschooled for five years. I have been teaching at The Ambrose School since 2003.

I chose to teach at a classical Christian school for our children's sake, as well as for the enjoyment of being able to actually TEACH and speak freely of the Lord. First and most importantly, I am grateful to be able to share the Lord and His Word with my students every day. Secondly, I appreciate the classical model as it fits with the frame of the child. We are raising up individuals made in the image of God--not robots. I love teaching and I love the children I teach! We can openly show our love for the Lord, our love for His Word, our love for learning and our love for one another! What an amazing gift to be able to do what I love every day!

What I want my students to learn in my classroom is that Jesus is our Lord and Savior! Without Him, life means nothing. As believers, we are privileged to be His children! There is nothing too big or too small for Him! He cares about it all. He didn't make a "black and white world". He made so much for us to enjoy and we should dwell in thankfulness to Him. We are to be in constant communion with Him through prayer, worship and the reading of His Word. We are to love God and love people. We must listen to Him more. We must trust Him more. It is all for His glory and our good.

My husband and I have been married for 30 years. We have four children and two additional children by marriage to our two oldest. All of our children graduated from The Ambrose School. Our oldest daughter and her husband just had our first grandchild this past spring up north. Our oldest son just moved back to the Boise area with his wife to attend the new medical school--ICOM. Our youngest son is at U of I in the Army ROTC program for his final year. Our youngest daughter lives in Boise and has a photography business and nannies. The education here was outstanding for our children. We are so thankful they had the opportunity to be educated and discipled by such a wonderful staff of teachers.

Church Affiliation: Calvary Chapel, Boise
Mrs. Jennie Wilford2nd Grade TeacherB.A., English, San Jose State University, 1987; M.Ed., Literacy, Boise State University, 2010

I began teaching at The Ambrose School in 2011, after receiving a Master's in Education (Literacy) from Boise State, and after tutoring students at home in both cognitive skills and reading. I also previously substituted at Ambrose.

As a teacher, I believe in encouraging a life-long love of reading and learning and that a classical Christian school affords that opportunity. What a joy and a blessing to teach at a school that serves the Lord! My prayer is to forge a deep relationship with my students, to be able to better help them learn and help them discover their own strengths and talents, as well as to help them form a lasting relationship with Jesus, all while giving the honor and glory to Him.

I have been a parent at The Ambrose School for 21 years and have had three daughters and a son graduate from Ambrose. They have benefited greatly from a classical Christian education and we are seeing the rewards as they are thriving and excelling in a collegiate setting.

My husband John and I have been married for 30 years; and have lived in the Treasure Valley for 27 years. We love Boise’s family atmosphere, our church, and attending our children’s activities such as lacrosse, mock trial and theatre performances!

Church Affiliation: All Saints Presbyterian Church
Mrs. Jen Link3rd Grade TeacherB.A. in Education, Southwest Baptist University, 2000. I spent several years teaching at Rockford Christian Elementary School in Illinois. After moving to the Treasure Valley, I regularly worked at The Ambrose School as a substitute teacher in the Grammar School. I began teaching full time as a 3rd Grade teacher in 2017. I have had the unique experience and joy of being a “foster mom” to seven children over the years, in addition to leading Children’s Ministry at my Illinois church.

My husband and I have four children who all attend The Ambrose School and we have been able to see firsthand the incredible benefits of a classical education, one that daily encourages and strengthens their minds and their faith. It is an absolute honor and delight to be teaching 3rd Grade here at Ambrose, and I greatly look forward to forming close relationships with all of my students while continually pointing them to the Lord and His Word as they grow in both knowledge and character. I consider it an immense gift to be loving and teaching God’s children.

My husband Jon and I were married on a tropical beach in 2001. We have three wonderful sons and a darling daughter. In 2015, we were thrilled to make a cross-country move to the Boise area to enjoy long hikes in the mountains and family bike rides on the Greenbelt. You will also find us regularly serving in our church home.

Church Affiliation: Rockharbor Church
Mrs. Janine Warmouth3rd Grade TeacherB.S. University of Tennessee, Knoxville; M.Ed. in Special Education, University of Tennessee, Chattanooga

My first introduction to classical Christian education came in 1999 as my husband and I were investigating education options for our children. We found a wonderful school in our hometown. My immediate reaction was, “I wish I would have gotten this kind of education.” That same year I attended my first ACCS conference and also started teaching kindergarten at the same school. For the next 12 years I taught kindergarten, and then moved to 2nd grade for two years. During three of those years I also taught grammar school P.E. My love and conviction for classical Christian education has only deepened over these years and I am so pleased to be counted among those making a difference at The Ambrose School.

My previous work experience also includes 10 years of teaching elementary school at a residential treatment program for emotionally disturbed children. We are thankful to have a son in the Upper School at Ambrose and a daughter continuing her classical Christian education at New Saint Andrews College in Moscow.

Church Affiliation: The King's Congregation, Meridian
Mrs. Bessie Davis4th Grade TeacherB.A., Idaho State University. I started working at The Ambrose School in 1996.

I love teaching at a classical Christian school because there is an order and purpose to everything we teach. It is a blessing to be able to teach at a school where prayer and the Bible are taught and practiced. I believe, as an educator, that it is important to know one's students in order to teach in the best possible way. It is also important to know how to have fun while helping your students learn how to be the best that they can be, not only academically, but in all of life.

My husband Loyd and I have been married for 39 years. Our daughter Monique and her husband Shaun have a son named Carsen who is now 10 years old and a little girl named Ally who is 6. Our son Loyd is now employed at The Ambrose School as head of maintenance. Loyd is married to Larissa Davis who teaches K-2 music here at The Ambrose School.

My husband Loyd and I enjoy spending time with our family, where we especially love spoiling our grandkids, and traveling when we get the chance.

Church Affiliation: Grace Bible Church, Meridian
Ms. Maia Tracy4th Grade TeacherB.S. History and a minor in English Literature; University of Idaho, special study courses at New Saint Andrews College and Corban University.

My interest in classical Christian education began largely because it was the only schooling I was accustomed to, besides two years of homeschooling. In high school, I was challenged to work harder than I ever thought possible. This was not mindless work, but rigorous challenges I hated because I actually had to think everyday! At first I was frustrated, but I grew to LOVE doing hard things, such as reading philosophy, theology, and academic articles. I found that my classical Christian education came to fruition in college, where I had the opportunity to re-read and re-discover how the ideas and truths I had been taught actually influenced the way I thought and lived.

I believe that classical Christian education is vitally important for children to deeply discern and know Truth. I also believe this form of education allows the imagination of a child to flourish. There are certainly skills learned from written work, but, why not also act, draw, and discuss? Why not envision an idea in your mind, and then make it come to life? I think the true beauty of this education is found when children are treated as whole beings, that their soul, mind, and body are equally important, and that every aspect of their life has purpose, because it is a part of God's story. I believe schools like Ambrose teach students to truly live and be human. I'm grateful for the many people at Ambrose who have poured into me, and I hope to pass their wisdom onto all the students I encounter.

I grew up in Boise, Idaho. After spending a year teaching at Whitefish Christian Academy in Montana, I decided to journey back to the Treasure Valley. When I am not at school, I enjoy running, hiking, rollerblading, and having great discussions about ideas.

Church Affiliation: Table Rock
Ms. Rebecca Hobbs5th Grade TeacherB.A. in Classical Liberal Arts, with an emphasis in History and Education from Patrick Henry College. I began teaching 5th Grade at The Ambrose School in 2015 after teaching English to grammar school students in South Korea for nearly two years.

I chose to teach at The Ambrose School because of its emphasis on loving and glorifying Christ, classical education, and instilling virtue in students. I enjoy teaching at a classical Christian school because classical Christian education teaches students how to think instead of simply teaching subjects. It also emphasizes the unity of knowledge, which culminates in Jesus Christ.

One of my favorite aspects of teaching is the opportunity to help students develop a life-long love of learning. Teaching is also an incredible and humbling opportunity to help students love Christ and others by shaping their affections and being an example to them of someone who loves Christ.

I want my students to learn to love Christ more through learning to love what is true, good, and beautiful. As my students read stories of great heroes, love, courage, and self-sacrifice, I long for their souls to be so stirred by these things that they forever seek the One who is the ultimate Truth, Goodness, and Beauty- the Lord God. I also hope to encourage my students to apply their love for truth, goodness, and beauty in the circumstances and choices they face in life.

I am originally from Baker City, OR, where most of my family still lives. In my spare time I enjoy horseback riding, reading, traveling, spending time with family and friends, and all the Korean food, language, and culture I can get!

Church Affiliation: Holy Trinity Church in Boise
Mrs. Michelle Cherry5th Grade TeacherB.B.A., Marketing, Boise State University 1991; B.A., Elementary Education, Boise State University 1999

Although my professional career started in the corporate world, I soon discovered that my true passion was teaching children. I then decided to pursue a degree in Elementary Education to realize that dream. Throughout my educational career, I have been blessed to teach first through fourth grades as well as several other educational roles in the Boise School District.

After staying home to raise children and homeschooling my daughter in 2015, my husband Darrel and I began researching Christian schools in the area. Once we visited Ambrose, we knew it was a perfect fit for our family. We loved the Classical Christian curriculum and were amazed at the school, staff, and community.

In 2016, I started teaching at The Ambrose School as a substitute, and then was hired as the Jr. High Drama teacher. In 2017, I was hired full time to teach 5th grade. I feel so blessed to be part of the children’s lives as they grow and mature through immersion into rich literature, introduction to the Great Ideas, and participation in Shakespearean theater.

I feel a classroom should be filled with love, laughter, and a respect for one another. I believe there is an innate drive in all of us to explore and learn. My job as a teacher is to guide that passion for knowledge in a Christ centered, positive, and productive manner. I love teaching and feel so thankful to be able to teach at a school where I can pray with my students and share God’s Word on a daily basis.

As a family, we love to travel, play sports, and enjoy the outdoors. My daughter Audrey keeps us quite busy outside of school with all her extracurricular activities such as ballet and basketball.

Church Affiliation: Eagle Christian Church
Mr. Brian Tromburg6th Grade TeacherB.A., Biblical and Theological Studies, Biola University, 2012. I have been at The Ambrose School since 2014, teaching Greek I & II in the Upper School, 4th grade, and 6th grade.

I chose to teach at The Ambrose School because here, Christ can be rightly exalted as the preeminent One over all creation as students learn about everything from literature to the sciences to languages. Until I had been introduced to Ambrose, I wasn't aware of K-12 classical Christian education. But as I have seen it in action, I am astounded by how God uses it to grow a student in character, discipleship, wisdom, and mastery of skills and knowledge. I love seeing students grow--whether in character, discipleship, wisdom, or knowledge-- this growth is God's redemption in progress, what a blessing!

My hope is that my students learn the knowledge and skills taught in 6th grade, but more importantly, I hope through the subjects, the rigor, and the homework, my students learn to love Christ more and more. I hope they grow in understanding of our Creator and this world He has made. I hope they learn to love the things God loves.

I am married to Natalie. We met at Biola University in California. I am a Boise native. In my spare time, I like to ride my bike, run, camp, and whitewater raft. I love simply hanging out with my wife, and my family.

Church Affiliation: Faith Community Bible Church
Ms. Hilary Dotters6th Grade TeacherMaster of Studies from the University of Oxford, M.A. in Jewish Studies from the Graduate Theological Union, B.A. in Philosophy from Biola University.

I have chosen to work at The Ambrose School because of its vision to see students become whole persons, and because of its emphasis on sound thinking, rightly ordered loves and the humanities. Christian classical education appeals to me because of its aim to teach students to think critically about their world and to become self-reflective, understanding people.

I love the magic that comes from sharing great ideas and stories with my students. There is perhaps nothing better than reading a good story together, and then watching their delight, or grief, or amazement over tales of courage and self-sacrifice. I love teaching them to enjoy well-crafted words, the names of great men and women, and the movements of history. For in all of this I want them to recognize good, true, and beautiful things; and, in the recognizing and remembering of these things, I hope each student will be moved to conform their life to them also.

I desire that my students know the goodness, love, and faithfulness of God, which comes from engaging history and joining the Great Conversation. Within this desire, I hope to enlarge the world of my students and increase their understanding of themselves in the story of the world and its Creator, to train their conversation and discussion skills, and to expand their vocabulary and use of language. I believe the words of Scripture, with the stories from history and literature, to be some of the most powerful ways to transform and cultivate our loves, and in essence, to make us fully human.

Having studied Latin, Greek, Hebrew and Arabic, I am passionate about words, language, and persuasion, especially in their uses for the defense of the Gospel and the bolstering of the Church.

When I am not reading and writing, I love humorous and deep conversations, being outdoors with friends, playing games with my family, and running with my Weimaraner in the foothills.

Church Affiliation: Holy Trinity Anglican Church
Mrs. LeAnn Schiebout3rd and 4th Grade Latin, 5th and 6th Grade Art, Upper School ArtB.A., English, ASU West; ESL Tutor, Glendale Community College; Substitute Teacher, Ambrose, 2014-2015; 4 years of Art in high school; self-taught artist.

We discovered Ambrose through Bill Stutzman when we were looking to enroll our oldest child in kindergarten. We realized that classical education wove Christ into the lives and conversations of its students in a organic, loving way. We have been impressed by how well the classical model dovetails with the development of children and engages the whole person: Heart, soul, mind and strength. I am heartened by what our children are memorizing and able to apply to their walk with the LORD.
I love knowing that each time I meet with my students I can share my love for God and the joy He has given us, enabling us to reflect His glory through Art.

I pray that my students learn to love God better through studying the gift of beauty. He is the Master Artist. I desire that they learn a deeper gratitude to the God who made us and gave us a world full of so much beauty. I want to help them slow down and appreciate the detail that He designed for His glory and our pleasure.

I am a wife to my best friend Mark Schiebout, mother of 3 children whom I love fiercely, friend, artist, and servant to the King.

Church Affiliation: United Reformed Church, Nampa
Mrs. Anita Wasdahl5th & 6th Grade LatinLiberal Studies II, San Diego State University. I classically homeschooled my children for 15 years, before teaching Latin, Mathematics, and English at a Christian school in San Diego. I arrived at The Ambrose School in 2004.

I have the joy of working alongside a staff who seeks to encourage students in both excellence and in the love of a higher good. It is my privilege to be an active participant as students begin the shift from culturally based assumptions to Christ centered assumptions. Over the years, I have had the blessing of watching Ambrose students, including my own children, challenged and encouraged in all areas of their life.

My husband, Mark, and I have five children, the three youngest have graduated from The Ambrose School. We also delight in our four grandchildren. During the chillier months, I love reading books at Barnes and Noble, while enjoying a cup of hot coffee, and during warmer weather, I enjoy biking the greenbelt. Mark can often be found scorekeeping in both the basketball and volleyball Archer games.

Church Affiliation: All Saints Presbyterian Church