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Dear Parents,

We at WT Café are pleased to announce that we are one of your options for your children’s lunches. We are a “Made from Scratch, Healthy” school lunch provider. Your school made a commitment to the health and well-being of your children when they selected WT Café, and we won’t let you down. When your children eat at WT Café, you can relax knowing they ate a well-balanced and satisfying lunch that will power them through the school day. Parents are welcome to join their children for lunch and order from WT Café as well. Please see below for more information about our program.

We are honored to be cooking for your children starting January 3, 2017!

Valerie Ellis and The WT Café Kitchen Team


  • REGISTER yourself at www.wtcafe.com as the Account Holder. Select your zip code and school from the registration page.
  • ADD USERS to your account. Users can be children or adults – anyone who may dine with WT Café during the school year.
  • CUSTOMIZE YOUR MENU by indicating dietary preferences for each user under MANAGE ACCOUNT. Your menu items will then be filtered by these preferences.
  • CHOOSE YOUR DEFAULT MEAL SIZE. Appetites vary by child and activity level, but generally Small is K, Regular is for grades 1-5, and Large is for 6-12.
  • ORDER LUNCH. Pre-order meals at least 32 hours in advance of lunch service for full menu or by 8am daily for a rush lunch. You may cancel meals online up to 8am the same day!
  • RECEIVE EMAIL CONFIRMATION. You will receive an email confirmation with each WT Café transaction. Be sure to check for this email to make sure your order processed.


  • Lunch includes: Small – one smaller entrée and two sides, Regular – one entrée and two sides, Large – large entrée and two sides.
  • Lunch prices start at: $4.25 Small, $5.25 Regular, $6.25 Large.
  • Add-on items are also available online (including WT Creations and packaged healthy snacks)


For questions about lunch orders:
Contact WT Cafe directly by calling 208-941-2720 or emailing boise@wtcafe.com.

For questions about lunch distribution:
Email ambroselunch@theambroseschool.org.