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BaseCamp: “Real World” Ready – Will My Kids Be Prepared? March 7 @ 7pm

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Few parents or grandparents at Ambrose grew up being classically Christian educated and are often left wondering if this unique form of education is the best for their child beyond early grammar school.

  • What good is Latin when we need to learn Spanish or Chinese in today’s world?
  • Why study “old dead white guys” when the world is becoming increasingly diverse and even suspicious of these old patriarch writers and thinkers?
  • Is science education suffering at the cost of “esoteric” ancient Greek writings?
  • Why work so hard when other schools make earning an “A” so much easier?
  • Will Ambrose kids be able to keep their faith if they haven’t been exposed to more secular challenges until college?
  • Should Christians even be reading pagan literature? Isn’t the Bible enough?

Come hear answers to these and other questions at our next BaseCamp Forum .

Tuesday, March 7th in our school library @ 7:00 pm.

gerber 16Join Davies Owens, David Goodwin (Former Head of School and ACCS president) and our special guest, 9th grade teacher and parent Joe Gerber.

Joe is a former social worker with a unique perspective on education style and how it impacts lives. Joe has taught in both the grammar and upper schools at Ambrose.

 This BaseCamp will also be live streamed on the Ambrose Facebook page.



To ensure we have enough seating, please let us know if you are coming. We will also be offering childcare.

Tell us in your RSVP if you will be using the childcare services.
$5 per hour for first child/$2 for each additional.



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