A Classical Christian School Serving K-12 in the Greater Boise Area


The Ambrose School does not require state certification for teachers. We have found that our form of education works best when we seek those who share our values and have a natural teaching ability.

In Grammar School, we seek the following:Ambrose13-166

  • Classroom experience
  • A passion for classical Christian education
  • A love of children
  • Organizational skills and aptitude for managing a classroom
  • A personal love of learning

In our secondary program, we seek the following:

  • Experience with or a passion for Classical Christian Education.
  • A contagious love of learning.
  • A demonstrated love of books, particularly The Great Books.
  • Subject-matter expertise.
  • A background from a classical Christian or Great Books school.
  • Applicants must have a strong Christian testimony and be committed to the classical Christian vision. Applicants must demonstrate strong classroom aptitude and/or have excellent teaching references. Teacher certification not required. Teaching experience highly desirable.

As a rule, we always accept applications for Grammar School Teachers, particularly Upper-Grammar School, and Secondary Humanities Teachers. We are always seeking teachers with classical Christian backgrounds who desire to be part of our community of learners.         

Our teachers must be committed, orthodox protestant Christians with a living faith in Jesus Christ.

To apply for a position at The Ambrose School, send your resume with a cover letter to personnel@theambroseschool.org. Please detail your experience with classical Christian education, your faith story – how you came to know the Lord and how you are growing in your spiritual life, references with email and phone number, and the subject and/or grade levels you are interested in teaching.


1st Grade Teacher – We are seeking a first grade teacher for the fall of 2017.  All candidates should have an appreciation and knowledge of classical Christian education and a life-long love for learning. The ideal candidate will have training and experience in early childhood education and an understanding of the unique requirements of teaching at the Pre-Polly stage. We look for teachers who inspire students to love rather than just know, who seek to know God more fully, and who desire to become part of our community of like-minded Christian teachers.

Latin Instructor – We are seeking resumes for a Latin teacher in our grammar and secondary program in the fall of 2017. Our Latin instruction is conversational, using Lingua Latina.  Our program begins in the 3rd  grade and progresses through 5th using an in-house developed reader system of teaching Latin.  We then transition to Lingua Latina in 6th grade. Our highest two Latin grades (9th and 10th) are concurrent credit with Boise State University.  We desire a teacher who loves Latin and who is trained in or willing to learn Comprehensible Input methodology.

Mathematics Teacher – We are accepting resumes for a mathematics teacher for the fall of 2017.  All candidates should have an appreciation and knowledge of classical Christian education and be competent to teach mathematics through Algebra II; the ideal candidate will have a background in philosophy and be able to teach a course in formal and informal logic.